Do you struggle to rise above any life challenges that come your way? Maybe you have gone from having plenty of money and a big house to living from paycheck to paycheck in a small apartment. Or perhaps you have experienced the loss of a relationship that devastated you but you have been able to bounce back and continue to live the life of your dreams.

However, if you find yourself feeling stuck looking back wistfully to earlier years, and wishing things could have remained “that way,” you’re probably living in the past.

If you notice you still suffer a lot of emotional pain over an upsetting event you experienced long ago, you might be stuck in your history and unable to move forward.

Although some would argue, “Wha...

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Self-discipline is touted as a necessity for accomplishing anything in life. You even need self-discipline to improve your self-discipline. What’s a person to do? And what exactly is self-discipline?

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