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Who Do You Think You Are Book Cover

Who Do You Think You Are?

The Power Of Believing In Yourself

Who Do You Think You Are? - The Power of BELIEVING in Yourself is an excellent roadmap to guide you in understanding what drives your thoughts and behavior. The Author has used the "BELIEVE" concepts along with easy assessment tools that will allow you to critically think about your life and the intrinsic motivation of what actually drives you. "This book became the mirror that helped me to understand who I am in a society and a world that is constantly changing around me", Dillon state as he proclaims that you will find change in your thinking and clarity in your life


The C.A.L.L. Book Cover

The C.A.L.L

The C.A.L.L is a collaborative effort between Dr. Towanna Freeman and 17 male co-authors who worked to create the ground-breaking anthology. Each of the individuals who contributed to the book had a story to tell that was relevant to an entire generation of young Black men. As one of the contributors, Nicholas Dillon shares a glimpse of his life story to inspire, motivate, and connect with young men to empower, create new opportunities, and give them hope. The C.A.L.L features several inspiring stories for Young Men About Character, Accountability, Love, and Leadership, each concluding with a compelling call to our young black men to stand up, step up, and recognize their inherent greatness.


Business Leader Interviews Book Cover

The Belief Mindset Personal Reflection Journal

By:  Nicholas Dillon, The Believe Coach

Inspirational, Innovative, and Empowering are but a few words to define the character of Nicholas Dillon. An entrepreneur in his own right, Dillon is on a mission to pursue his passion and build a legacy of influence.

"Beliefs can come from 2 sources: Our own experience and reflections or blind acceptance of what other people tell us."

"When you want to change a belief, you may well need an empowering belief to replace the old one."